About the Forum

Submit your own Life Histories

This forum invites you to contribute your own musical life histories through our Submit your Stories page which is intended to form the next phase of this research.

Perspectives from all backgrounds – musical, cultural and geographical – are warmly welcomed.

It is hoped that this online collection of life histories will become a resource for all researchers and practitioners with an interest in the impact of music education.



Collaborate on the Project

Fellow Researchers sought for Collaboration

I would also like to hear from researchers interested in collaborating on the project, particularly those with international music education research expertise.

Future stages of the project are planned to include collaborative analysis of new groups of life history respondents, with stories from different countries or musical genres: please get in touch if you would like to propose a collaboration of this kind.

Contact me at chancesandchoices@sheffield.ac.uk.



The Companion Website


Visit the Companion Website hosted by Oxford University Press.

Detailed Analysis

The companion website for Chances and Choices features detailed analysis of the musical life histories in the book, including the coding system that was used to generate the quantitative aspects of the analysis and so to guide the focus of the qualitative discussion.

Life History Respondents

Profiles of all the life history respondents are provided, with a table of their quoted materials that helps to connect comments from across the book's chapters, and to link these with the formative musical experiences and current activity of the respondents.


The summary of initial findings (referred to in Chapter 1) that was sent to participants in the first phase of research is also available here, offering both a brief view of the research and an illustration of the consultation with respondents that formed part of the project.