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Patrick Vaughan's story

"On family occasions (eg at Christmas) playing the piano and singing to the others was a regular part of the fun."

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Anonymous's story

"It was worth it to be able to enjoy all the playing opportunities I now have, now that I am older. And I think it kept me sane."

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Miriam Cox's story

"I find that when people are talking, songs or tunes with related lyrics or words just pop into my head."

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Martin Fender-Gibson's story

"At secondary school I sang in the senior choir, which was run by an ambitious and talented music teacher."

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Mary S. McLuskey's story

"It would be great to have a littel more formal knowledge but to be honest the sound is more important than the ability to read."

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Anonymous's story

"Owner of two local music shops ... very inspiring, directed local recorder consort and was also a private teacher."

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Anonymous's story

"I remember feeling lost for about 2 months, and then figuring out how it all worked, and after that there was no stopping me."

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Diana Flynn's story

"Learning to read music and follow a score has had a huge impact on my life."

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Eileen Cawthorne's story

"And I pre-empted karaoke by several decades by singing along with Kathleen Ferrier!"

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Carolyn Sparey's story

"I have also had success as a composer, both of orchestral music and songs, which are being published."

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Jo Miller's story

"Music has played a big part in my intellectual as well as
emotional life."

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Anonymous's story

"I have learnt that it is not too late to start again, so maybe the cello will come out its case finally."

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Catherine Preston's story

"Most of my life has been involved in playing and teaching
music and I have never considered doing anything else!"

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Anonymous's story

"The highlights of my musical life history have been many and varied."

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